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Helping Online Business Owners With Marketing & VA Solutions

Increase Brand Awareness Elevate Your Online Presence
Increase Brand Awareness Elevate Your Online Presence

How You Can Work With Jenn

Creating simple and strategic social media/ virtual solutions for business owners just like you!

Social Media Coaching

We understand how complex social media can be, so we offer coaching on a variety of social media topics.

Virtual Assistance

As online business owners, you need someone who will take care of your administrative needs. We offer hourly services to help take care of that for you.

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Our mission is to help online  business owners love and understand the complexities of social media.  We also understand how having someone take care of the administrative work can lighten the load for entrepreneurs alike. 

Showing Some Love

Dallas T.

Online Business Coach

My online business operations were more streamlined thanks to Jenn's project management, tech knowledge, and detail oriented prowess. She saw the issues and found ways to quickly solve it.

Jenna B.

Extension Salon Owner & Online Business Educator

I had brought on Jenn for marketing consultation for my online business education for extension stylists/salon owners and she gave me all the strategy I needed to set my business up for success. We are still in the beta phase, but I'd bring her back onto my team in a heartbeat!

Britt S.

Hair Stylist Business Coach

What can't Jenn do? She was the best marketing project manager and such a delight to work with. She oversaw all my marketing and content production efforts. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Tracy M.

Online Business Coach

If you want someone who is personable, collaborative, and get's shit done, hire Jenn! I was overwhelmed with the day to day marketing processes and Jenn swooped right in. In turn, she helped the team run more efficiently and hit deadlines on time!